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Leezen Hot & Sour Instant Noodles 105g

The hot and sour soup is mixed with black vinegar and apple cider vinegar, and then added pure white pepper to bring out a slightly spicy taste. Different from the general fried noodles, the noodles made of flour, salt water and yam powder are cut into strips by rolling and then steamed. It does not contain chemical additives such as face improver and modified starch, and you can rest assured that you can eat every bite!

Ingredient :
[Noodles) — unbleached wheat flour, white yam powder, water, salt.
[Sauce Packet] black vinegar(water, glutinous rice, wheat, sugar, salt, caramel), apple vinegar, (water, glutinous rice ,apple juice) soy oil, soy sauce(black soybean, non-GMO soybean,water, sugar, salt), soybean paste(non-GMO soybean, water, salt, sugar,wheal flour, yeast extract powder, xanthan gum, star anise powder), chili sauce(chili, salt), tomato paste, lake salt, white yam powder, yeast extract, sesame oil(sesame oil, soy oil), ginger, white pepper powder, sugar, chili powder, tocopherols concentrate mixed (antioxidant).
[Dehydrated VegetabIes]— cabbage, carrots, fungus, tofu(non-GMO), celery.
Allergy Alert : This product contains wheat, soy and sesame.

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